Author/s : Jiuchuan animation / Bilibili

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Earthen Keyboard Immortal , it is a Manga/Manhwa/Manhua in (English) language, written by Jiuchuan animation / Bilibili This Comic is About, The keyboard man who is good at Zuan spray people, the modern Zuan has crossed into a world of comprehension where the heroes come together. However, in this world, the level of practice is closely linked to the status of power. Most of the world's highest military power is in the temples. The Emperor of the Great Zhou Dynasty is one of the most powerful practitioners in the world. Zuan passed through and became the wasteful son-in-law of Chu Chuyan, the princess of Mingyue City, and he was discovered that the sister-in-law of the night was attacked on the night of the wedding, and his reputation was irretrievably infamous. Little did they know that this marriage was in the calculations of the hearted people from beginning to end. The seemingly insignificant junk son-in-law has long become the key to the changing chess game of the Great Zhou Dynasty...Facing this hell start, see how Zuan relies on a keyboard to meet the evil and transform the luck.

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